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Marcegaglia’s team is made up of 6,500 employees, who represent the real core asset of the group.
Marcegaglia constantly promotes and values the know-how, skills, competences, experiences and personal qualities of its employees.
The continuous commitment to investing on the safety and growth of human resources has led to a strong sense of belonging and a low turnover rate.


Marcegaglia is a worldwide company, with production plants and commercial networks. For this reason, we always look for new skills for the development of business in each area.

To join the team, send your curriculum vitae and cover letter directly to the HR department:


With the Whistleblowing area, employees and third parties can send, with the maximum confidentiality, detailed reports of illegal actions and suspicious behaviors, of irregularities in company management, of acts or facts that could be a violation of the internal and external rules of Marcegaglia’s activities and of the standards and rules of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics and in the provisions of the group’s Model 231.


The area should only be used to send a violation report: complaints will not be considered.

Marcegaglia Whistleblowing