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Steellife Digital Re-life Experience: Marcegaglia's 2009 art exhibition relives in a "phygital" experience

From the halls of museums to the virtual spaces of the web, to live again the experience of an exhibition that celebrated our company and "our" material, steel.


Studio Chiesa has recently re-inaugurated Steellife, the first international exhibition of contemporary art dedicated to steel, supervised by Elisabetta Pozzetti and held in 2009 at the Triennale di Milano to celebrate 50 years of activity of the Marcegaglia Group.


A simple click is all it takes to relive the emotions of the works, made entirely of steel, by the eight international artists featured in the exhibition.


The Steellife Digital Re-Life Experience installations virtually reproduce the originals and yet celebrate the uniqueness of a material and the history of a company that is a leader in the Italian and European steel market and the world's leading independent steel processor.

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